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People, organizations, using networking and learning to affirm our communities & stomp the digital divide!

Our Initiatives

We started out supporting each other professionally and are continuously paying it forward. We expect inclusion… the basics help, such as representative leadership. Additionally we practice specific steps to make our communities better. We pay our privileges forward.

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Eleven is a pioneer in guest Wi-Fi management software for the hospitality industry since 2002. 

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I.T. Motives connects employers with skilled tech professionals to meet their IT staffing needs and provides technology Recruiting Services!

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Meet Our Organizers – We started asking how the tech world would reflect our communities. We also want to bigup the great STEM work being done by our broader communities.

Dwayne Thomas (he/him/él)

President, Co-organizer, Sr. Security Engineer in accessible healthcare

Dianne Jarvis

Co-organizer, Developer

Bjorn Davis

Co-organizer, Manager

Alex Bynum

Co-organizer, Manager in accessible healthcare

Tony Seminary

Co-organizer, CEO @ IT Motives

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